Smart contracts of Entercoin

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One of the most important aspects of Entercoin’s integrated system is Smart Contracts, a new technology that has entered the IT world recently and promises a new era of information management and business processes.

In order to clarify this aspect, which is still ambiguous to many, I will talk about the first intelligent application of the Entercoin system developed by the team to work with UNICEF to build a smart application that allows:

UNICEF seeks to apply programs related to the communities it serves, such as Palestine, for awareness programs or assistance for development and education.

There is a real problem with tracking food or financial aid, for example, provided by global agencies, and ensuring that it is properly delivered to those concerned without manipulation or delay.

We have developed an application called EnterPact, which allows intelligent contracts to be created between the various stakeholders involved in a particular task, such as delivering assistance to build a school or sending lecturers to conduct courses.

Using this application, the system follows up the contract and the stages of implementation from different parties in a manner that ensures smooth operation without delay, exploitation or procrastination.

When a specific point is executed at the specified time and place, the system records and maintains this information on Blockchain and pays the parties who have completed their mission in the process.

In case one of the parties fails to carry out any demanded task in the specified place or time, the application shall notify all interested parties and establish a new contract under new conditions.

The program is open source and will be available to the public for addition, modification or use in various projects and contracts.

These quick summary points show the possibilities of the system, but lack a lot of details that have no place to be represented in this text at this stage. But this is an Entercoin application and Entercoin will be its main currency.

It should be noted that negotiating such a case with UNICEF shows each follower where Entercoin is heading. Entercoin has already started talking to the world’s largest institutions while she is still in its cradle … How would things be when she grows up a bit?

The Entercoin team is preparing for a big and lucid future, and its goal is more than just rising the price of a currency. The team’s goal is to make Entercoin reach global stardom to become a school in the wonderful world of Cryptcurrency.

shadiSmart contracts of Entercoin
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Stinex platform for cryptocurrency trading from Bitstine

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This platform is the first in the Middle East with such size (volume) and great potential, and its engine is one of the strongest trading engines on the Internet.

Stinex is programmed using Ruby on Rails language and it is distinguished by many features.

  1. Multiple languages; starting with Arabic and English then Turkish and Farsi to include Korean, Chinese and other European languages later.
  2. Arabic team; Arabic support team dedicated for the Arabic countries.
  3. Stinex is launched by Bitstine, originally Palestinian and registered in Palestine, United Kingdom, Turkey and Canada, working to provide financial solutions using Blockchain technology.
  4. Low fees; using special equations employing EnterCoin in order to decrease fees which save the user 50% of the cost of commissions which is already low.
  5. EnterCoin is the official currency of Stinex, which is the currency of Bitstine’s financial system and Stinex represents one of its pillars. EnterCoin is the official currency of the whole system.
  6. EnterCoin will not be available on other platforms however this decision might be revised again once Entercoin proves itself in the market with a high trading volume.
  7. Security and Protection; using the latest security technology makes the penetration of our system impossible and there will be measures imposed over the users in order to secure their accounts.
  8. Easy to withdraw and deposit using dollars via wire transfer or money transfer such as Western Union and similar services, or using Perfect Money, and perhaps AdvCash and Payeer
  9. More than 65 cryptocurrencies carefully selected based on the projects, team activity, future and trading volume of the currency.
  10. No currencies with suspicious projects such as gambling, sex and similar matters.
  11. An active community represented by Entercoin and Cryptomal communities, and this site, Cryptomal Forums, is one of the communication means for this community.
  12. First class support; using best electronic support services Zen Desk
  13. Global know your customer system KYC, Used as a security measure to ensure smooth operation of the trading system without exploitation or misuse.
  14. One of the strong features of Stinex is that it will be linked to famous platforms like Bittrex and Poloniex; Buy and Sell orders from such platforms will be shared with Stinex which means high trading volume from the beginning.
  15. Distributing 10 free entercoin as a gift for the first 5000 registered users
  16. our unique feature; there will be a minimum selling price of Entercoin such as it would not be sold for a price smaller than the assigned one; current discussions lead us to determine this price to be around 0.6$ to 0.75$ at the beginning and then raise it gradually till it becomes 1$; this is the minimum price however it can be increased openly without restrictions. The price is calculated against Bitcoin however we used Dollars since it makes the idea easier to explain.

These points summarize the system of Stinex to the user’s interest. The door is open for registration now before launching, and early registration qualifies you for Free Entercoin once Stinex is launched. is the platform’s website and currently it is a front to register emails only.





shadiStinex platform for cryptocurrency trading from Bitstine
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Interview with the CEO

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The founder of Bitstine and EnterCoin Shady Ayoub declared that “the current decline in the price of digital currencies is typical and we do not consider it a decline as much as we consider that the rise in the value of crypto currencies witnessed last December was exaggerated which makes its value today a more realistic one”.

Ayoub added that “the current decline in prices is ahead of a prospected rise in prices and will bring it to a greater value than it is now and the reason behind the current decline is weak demand for supply”

The founder of Bitstine and Entercoin added “At certain times of the year, demand is greater than supply”

Ayoub commented on the blocking of Facebook and Google of the promotion of digital currency; “These are important platforms for the display and marketing of digital currencies, but they remain limited in their impact, and these central institutions are now in the process of fighting the decentralized systems of digital currencies. Thus, it is expected that few difficult months will pass in the field of e-marketing as the crypto currencies rely primarily on online marketing”

He added that “the good news are that those interested in the world of Cryptocurrency and digital currencies have communities and private sites making the negative impact of the decisions of Google and Facebook relatively limited, Entercoin like others have been affected by these decisions, but was able to find suitable alternatives for it was launched to serve Palestine first and then the rest of the countries therefore it depends more on marketing on site rather than e-marketing, through local press, universities, meetings and events, which came in favor of the currency at this time.”

“Entercoin is the first Arab currency to serve the whole world with alternative financial services focused on providing financial services to both isolated and financially and economically marginalized communities by creating a real bridge connecting these communities to the world of the great Internet economy, especially the new revolutionary cryptocurrency field,” said Bitstine’s and Entercoin founder.

According to Ayoub’s opinion, the Palestinian street received the idea of digital currency with enthusiasm and there will be meetings and conferences in Palestinian cities and universities soon.



shadiInterview with the CEO
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