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Smart contracts of Entercoin

One of the most important aspects of Entercoin’s integrated system is Smart Contracts, a new technology that has entered the IT world recently and promises a new era of information management and business processes. In order to clarify this aspect, which is still ambiguous to many, I will talk about the first intelligent application of

Stinex platform for cryptocurrency trading from Bitstine

This platform is the first in the Middle East with such size (volume) and great potential, and its engine is one of the strongest trading engines on the Internet. Stinex is programmed using Ruby on Rails language and it is distinguished by many features. Multiple languages; starting with Arabic and English then Turkish and Farsi

Interview with the CEO

The founder of Bitstine and EnterCoin Shady Ayoub declared that “the current decline in the price of digital currencies is typical and we do not consider it a decline as much as we consider that the rise in the value of crypto currencies witnessed last December was exaggerated which makes its value today a more

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